Nigel Betteridge

Nigel Betteridge

Service & Maintenance Engineering & Ex Forces Recruiter


After serving with The British Army in The Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME) for 8 years, Nigel moved into the recruitment industry in 1999. Over 20 years he has successfully worked for both national and SME level agencies, working with a wide range of clients from multinational corporate organisations to start ups both in the UK and Overseas.

During this time Nigel has managed a wide range of recruitment projects including contingency, executive search, volume recruitment, and recruitment process outsourcing.


As an integral part of Red Chilli Recruitment agency in Southampton, Nigel occupies a dual role. His primary responsibility involves overseeing the Service & Maintenance Engineering Division, a critical department within the organization. This division primarily focuses on filling positions related to the servicing and maintenance of complex engineering systems, which are vital to the smooth operation of many industries. Nigel’s expertise lies in understanding the precise skill sets needed in these roles and identifying candidates who possess them. His guidance and strategic direction have proved instrumental in ensuring that the division maintains high recruitment standards, matching the right individuals to the right roles.

Simultaneously, Nigel heads up an innovative specialism in Ex-Forces Recruiter placements. Understanding the vast and versatile capabilities that veterans offer, Nigel has dedicated a portion of his efforts to helping these professionals transition smoothly from military to civilian life. The Ex-Forces specialism recognizes the robust and transferable skills that former military personnel possess, skills that are often under-utilized in the commercial sector. Nigel is committed to creating a bridge between these valuable individuals and the industries that could benefit from their unique experiences and skills.

His approach not only provides meaningful career opportunities for veterans but also contributes to diversifying the workforce, thereby enriching the industries they join. Nigel’s dual role at Red Chilli Recruitment underscores his versatility as a leader and his innovative thinking in the recruitment field. His influence extends beyond merely filling vacancies; he is actively shaping the future of the workforce by tapping into unique talent pools and providing opportunities for career progression. Through his diligent efforts, Nigel is helping to redefine the recruitment landscape, demonstrating the effectiveness of exploring non-traditional routes to talent sourcing and placement.

Additional Talents, Services and Qualifications:

Nigel’s experience is underpinned by his Fellow Membership of The Institute of Recruitment Professionals (FIRP). He is also an Associate for Work Horizons who are Organisational Renewal and Career Coaching specialists, providing leadership and career coaching for organisations and individuals.

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