Contract / Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Contract / Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)



As an independent specialist in Engineering and Technical roles, our capabilities often outweigh the expectations of our clients

Red Chilli Recruitment are highly experienced in providing a contract only or recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) projects as an alternative to permanent recruitment

We can quickly and effectively source and deliver contract based workers for a whole variety of scenarios:

1/ ON DEMAND: For quick turnaround, short term situations such as company shutdowns, testing growth plans, short term projects

2/ PROJECT BASED: For 1 off projects where a specialism in workforce is required

3/ FULL: Where outsourcing the whole attraction, selection, assessment and onboarding is required ie- start up companies, smaller organisations with no HR department, response to quick growth





  • Reduces time to hire
  • Reduces internal hiring costs but an average of 36%
  • Increases placement quality
  • Offers flexibility for projects / start ups with no commitment
  • Enables quick scalability
  • Increases quality of service to your clients
  • Increases your brand reputation
  • Unburdens / replaces HR
  • Offers outsourced expertise on HR, employment law, market trends etc





One such example spanning the past 4 years, is how Red Chilli Recruitment successfully implemented a full managed service project on behalf of a global petrochemical organisation.

We have built their workforce for the project from scratch and have been responsible for low level, high volume trades to senior operations, HSSE and project management roles. They have to date spent in excess of £2million with Red Chilli and still chose to only engage with us as a recruitment provider!

Over the past 4 years, Red Chilli Recruitment have worked hard to dedicate a service that offers a complete recruitment, HR and payroll function across the board including:

  • Working with our Client to plan and advise on current and future trends
  • Advertise across a variety of media including major job boards and social media platforms
  • Headhunting assignments using bespoke recruitment tools for senior roles
  • Screening applicants and shortlisting for initial internal interviews
  • Conducting all initial internal interviews of candidates
  • Presenting candidates for consideration to our client
  • Arranging 1st and 2nd interviews and arranging 3rd stage job trials
  • Rejecting unsuccessful applicants
  • Screening, onboarding and registering successful applicants
  • Right to Work checks, DBS checks, Licence/ Certification verification and Reference checks
  • Psychometric profiling to ensure additional layer of screening
  • Processing weekly / monthly PAYE payroll, calculating HMRC deductions
  • Issuing payslips, P45s, P60s
  • Updating P6 notifications weekly
  • Provide advice on HR matters and deal with grievances, promotions etc
  • Terminating contracts where needed


The whole Managed Service Process has enabled our client to successfully upscale (and even downscale at times ie-covid) the project quickly and cost efficiently without the time and cost involved in recruitment, HR matters and processing a payroll for workers.






“I’ve worked with Nicky for a number of years now and am always impressed by her partnership approach to working together. I enjoy the support she gives our business which stretches much further than just finding great candidates to join the team. Nicky brings ideas, suggestions and creative thinking to help solve problems we experience and it’s always fantastic to work with her. If you are looking for someone to help support your future growth then you should certainly give her a call!”