Edward Hendrick

Edward Hendrick

Finance and Accountancy Specialist

Edward Hendrick is an expert in the recruitment industry, with a career that spans over three decades. His focus on finance and accountancy roles has solidified his reputation as a trusted finance recruitment consultant. He went from hiring workers to being a manager for different agencies. This gave him lots of experience and knowledge about recruitment.

A Career Marked by Growth and Success

Edward’s career in recruitment began with a focus on industrial staff. His ability to find the perfect match for each job helped him advance from consultant to regional manager. He was in charge of offices in various locations in the UK, from Newcastle to Southampton, Portsmouth, and Bognor Regis.

Throughout his career, Edward has had the privilege of partnering with a number of prestigious clients. His portfolio includes renowned names such as The Bodyshop, Nissan, Birmingham FC, BMW, Lee Filters, and Greggs. These partnerships have not only enriched his experience but also broadened his understanding of various industries and their unique recruitment needs.

Deep Specialization in Finance and Accountancy Recruitment

In the last five years, Edward has sharpened his focus on the finance sector. As a finance recruitment consultant, he has successfully placed finance professionals in both corporate and SME businesses. His expertise ranges from recruiting Management Accountants to CFOs, demonstrating his deep understanding of the finance sector and its diverse roles.

At Red Chilli Recruitment agency in Southampton, Edward leads the Finance and Accountancy division. His leadership is marked by a commitment to excellence and a personalized approach to each client and candidate. He knows a lot about finance and accounting and has a big network. This helps him find the right people for jobs.

Versatility and Broad Skill Set

Edward’s skills extend beyond traditional recruitment. He is adept at delivering one-off recruitment projects and handling volume recruitment. His strategies include both traditional contingency recruitment and head-hunting, demonstrating his versatility and adaptability.

While his primary focus is on finance recruitment, Edward’s broad skill set allows him to recruit across professional services. He has successfully filled marketing and procurement positions for his clients. This versatility makes him a valuable partner for businesses with diverse recruitment needs.

A Personal Touch

Edward believes in building strong relationships with both clients and candidates. His approachable nature and commitment to understanding each client’s unique needs set him apart as a finance recruitment consultant. As a former golfer, he’s always ready to offer free swing advice, adding a personal touch to his professional relationships.

In conclusion, Edward Hendrick is more than just a finance recruitment consultant. He is a trusted partner for businesses and a valuable resource for professionals seeking new opportunities.

His wealth of experience, deep understanding of the finance and accountancy sectors, and commitment to excellence make him an invaluable asset in the recruitment industry. Edward can help you find the right employees. He can also assist you in advancing your career. He has expertise and commitment.

A Commitment to Excellence

Edward’s commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of his work. He is committed to giving excellent service to his clients and candidates, making sure their needs are met quickly and effectively. He pays close attention and is very thorough when recruiting. He wants to make sure no detail is missed in finding the right person.

A Passion for Recruitment

Edward’s passion for recruitment is evident in his dedication to his work. He is constantly seeking new ways to improve his services and stay ahead of the latest trends in the recruitment industry. His passion motivates him to go above and beyond for his clients and candidates, ensuring they get excellent service.

A Trusted Partner

Edward’s reputation as a trusted partner in the recruitment industry is well-deserved. He is a reliable partner for businesses looking to hire or professionals looking for new opportunities. He is committed to his clients and candidates and has extensive experience in finance and accountancy. With Edward, you can be confident that you are in good hands.

A Leader in the Field

Edward’s leadership in the field of finance recruitment is evident in his successful track record. His ability to match the right candidate with the right opportunity has resulted in numerous successful placements. He leads and mentors new talent in the recruitment industry, not just with clients and candidates.


Edward Hendrick is more than just a finance recruitment consultant. He is a leader, a trusted partner, and a dedicated professional with a passion for excellence.

Edward can help you find the right employees. He can also assist you in advancing your career. He has expertise and commitment.

He is extremely valuable in the recruitment field because of his dedication to his clients and candidates. Additionally, his vast experience and strong knowledge of finance and accounting contribute to his value. With Edward, you can be confident that you are working with one of the best in the business.

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