A NEW “Hybrid Model” of working here to stay

A NEW “Hybrid Model” of working here to stay

Interestingly, it has been announced today that top analysts and senior figures are predicting that the UK workforce may not ever return to the full time office working scenario we had pre-pandemic.

They are suggesting a “hybrid model” is likely to be here to stay with traditional office workers now adopting a blend of home working coupled with office based attendance

It appears that organisations have seen the benefits in allowing their workers the autonomy, freedom and trust in working from home.

Increases in performance, wellbeing, motivation and dedication from employees has delighted bosses across the UK!

From a recruitment selection, assessment and onboarding perspective this lends itself to analysing and potentially re-identifying the person and associated specification suitable for such hybrid roles going forward.

A recent study by Work Horizons, has identified FOUR key traits that are key to a person adopting a successful hybrid model of home / office based working:


  • Communication
  • Organisation
  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Motivation


It is likely to become essential for companies recruiting for hybrid roles to re-evaluate their selection processes to identify the traits above.

An easy and highly cost effective way to do this is to engage in psychometric testing as an integral part of the assessment process.

Using a scientifically rigorous, valid and reliable psychometric test is the key to identifying the level of the above personality traits of an applicant and so many more! The accuracy of these tests is incredible!!

Red Chilli Recruitment Ltd, in partnership with their associated company Psychorecruit Ltd, can offer BPS accredited Psychometric testing and analysis.

For a highly competitive price, you will receive a detailed report highlighting a potential candidates personality traits and values.

Using this information in combination with other selection tools such as CVs, interviews, intray exercises etc, it will enable you to make an informed selection decision that is extremely accurate and right the first time…. ultimately saving you a lot of time and wasted costs associated with wrong hires!

Please feel free to get in touch for an informal discussion about the options we have available for your company……