Recruitment Specialist: Sarah Freemantle

Sarah Freemantle

Profile Overview:

Sarah Freemantle, a seasoned professional in resource recruitment, has built a prosperous career with one of the largest tech providers. Her expertise lies in identifying the necessary skills for business expansion via digital transformation. She has worked in different industries in the UK, including manufacturing, supply chain, logistics, and professional services.

This makes her valuable in helping small and medium-sized businesses find the right people for their needs. Sarah’s unique ability to comprehend and articulate distinct requirements has been proven time and again.

Sarah has experience in Commercial Recruitment and has successfully managed temporary and permanent placements while leading a team. Her approach to resource recruitment is professional, proactive, and transparent.

As a Resource Recruitment Specialist, Sarah’s mission is to bridge the gap between exceptional candidates and their ideal job opportunities. She knows how important it is to find the right people for a company’s success. Sarah works hard to make sure the hiring process is fair and everyone feels valued and helped.

Sarah’s passion for her work is evident, and her commitment to excellence in resource recruitment is unwavering. She aims to make a positive difference by linking exceptional talent with organizations where they can flourish.

Areas of Expertise:

Sarah specializes in Candidate Sourcing and Selection. She collaborates with TEAM, the largest group of recruitment and employment providers in the UK. Their goal is to provide people with access to numerous job opportunities and services throughout the country.

Additional Talents, Services and Qualifications:

Sarah is very interested in wellness and nutrition. She thinks they can greatly improve productivity and keep employees. She knows that a fit workforce is not just more efficient but also more likely to stay, improving employee retention. This perspective is increasingly relevant in today’s work environment where employee well-being is paramount.

Driven by a growth-oriented mindset, Sarah has taken the initiative to further her education in this field. She is studying the latest research and trends in wellness and nutrition. She is learning how to apply them in the workplace to achieve optimal results. This ongoing education allows her to provide unique insights and advice to her clients and candidates in their resource recruitment journey.

Moreover, Sarah’s knowledge in this area extends beyond the theoretical. She is passionate about applying these principles in her own life and sharing her experiences with others. Her dedication to health and food authenticity connects with clients and candidates, making her work more meaningful.

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