Executive Search Service

Executive Search


Executive search (Head Hunting) gives you access to the whole market-place and not just a limited pool of actively looking candidates.


With over 20 years of experience we can provide the professionalism, expertise and service levels needed to fully understand your requirements, identify the right candidates and then importantly interest them in your opportunity.


What we do:

  1. Fully understand your requirements and position your opportunity successfully.
  2. Utilise the tools needed to identify all potential candidates.
  3. Utilise our professionalism to approach candidates on a peer level and interest them in your opportunity.

Our main focus is on positions of £60k and above, however we have found increasing success with positions of £40k+, which often encompasses those difficult to fill professional roles.


Why Executive Search?

With the best people being ever more difficult to find – the usual methods of recruiting, such as advertising or the database approach of traditional Recruitment companies and agencies, can fail to attract top candidates. Our refreshingly different approach, not only finds the top quality candidates – the winners and achievers, but takes away the risk and expense usually incurred by using our competitors. Although there are many specialist niche markets within our organisation – the methods used by our consultants are exactly the same – so we can honestly say that we are experts in Executive Search over a wide spectrum of disciplines. We can find your company the real winners.




This allows us to source directly from companies where such individuals are busy being successful and not looking for a new position but due to our discreet professional approach can be persuaded to consider an outstanding opportunity.


Your company information is never disclosed to any candidate until the candidate has been presented and accepted by yourselves.


Any candidate we present will already be very successful in their role and will be able to add immediate value to your bottom line.

Being a purely proactive Search we do not advertise or use databases. We believe the best candidates are not responding or available on either medium – they are too busy being successful.



All work will be done in-house and be structured as follows:

– In addition to companies suggested by our client we will identify additional target companies and organisations within the UK, Europe and worldwide if necessary. We will obtain website details, telephone numbers and all core information.

– Detailed research then enables us to identify potential candidates within those target organisations.

– We will then approach and recruit potential candidates for the opportunity. Ensuring that those interested are suitable in terms of skill set and cultural fit, making sure to eliminate shoppers and candidates just looking to leverage their career.

– Both candidates and client will then be guided through the interview stage, debriefing and preparing the individuals at every stage of the process and pre-empting counter offers. Thus resulting in a successful campaign.


– At the end of the search, a client report will be forwarded detailing all companies approached, salary levels for specific positions.




DAYS 1-2

Taking a full and comprehensive job order – information over and above a standard job specification will be obtained, including culture, objectives and information from the hiring authority in order for us to fully sell the opportunity.

DAYS 3-4

Targeting of companies – the identification of organisations housing individuals with the relevant skill set. This could be a direct competitor or companies within related industries.

DAYS 5-10

Candidate identification – our in-house research team identifies potential candidates in similar positions within the target companies, paying particular attention to personality and cultural fit. Candidates are confidentially and professionally approached and thoroughly pre-screened. The information gathered is far in excess of a curriculum vitae.

DAY 10

Initial candidates are presented in detail with remuneration package, key achievements and ambitions.